Couple with a cat,  2010                                  Men are warming themselves at a fire, 2010
July 31, 2010                                                                                 Two birds on a perch,

Grandmother planting a nail, 2009                       People behind a greenhouse, 2009
Departure of the flock of birds       People moving a mattress           Man feeding a cat, 2008
Hunting Scene, 2008                   The Mare, 2008                                   The old fox, 2007  
Snow and fox, 2007                           The burial of the fox, 2007       Dead Raven, 2007   
The shepherd and the lumberjack,   In a barn in the Valais, 2006               Les Corbeaux, 2006



Leopold Rabus, Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag, The Netherlands, Installation views, 2009

Hay rainbow, 2008


Ma région, ma passion, 2008                                                      Mon Ecureuil, 2006

Stoup, 2004

Oh Lord my days are drawing to a close, 2005
L'Eau du Guide, 2004