Inevitably, This Became Your Standard Response, 2010

Events Are Imminent, 2010

I Have Nothing Left To Say To You, 2010

My Discomfort Is Evident But I Am Unsure Of The Cause (Prelude To An Unfinished Narrative), 2010

Remember When I Left You I Couldn't Say Your Name, Or Other Crucial Things Like 'I Love You' Or 'That's A Shame', 2006


Installation shot from “holding on; forever”, featuring work by Tom Ireland

The Irony Of Seeking Refuge In A Fictive History Is Not Lost On Me, 2009
Bang, 2005
untitled (We Are Special Too), 2008
Shoot, 2005                                                      Ouch, 2005


Lecture 10: War, Death, Mortality and Memorials, 2006 (collaboration with Tom Ireland)


Ti-i-i-ime, You Got Me Running, 2007


I Don´t Like This, 2006                     Irrational Fears #6, 2006               untitled (Poltergeist), 2006


Turn Around, 2007