Christine Erhard - Press release

Christine Erhard


April 30, 2004 - June 26, 2004

opening reception Friday, April 30, 2004, 7 pm

Do you know this location? Have you been there already? Christine Erhard’s photographs seem familiar at first sight. Entrance halls, roof terraces, front architecture: Christine Erhard’s works of art, presented from 30 April to 26 June 2004 in the Frankfurt gallery Adler, show interiors as well as exteriors. They are is unspectacular motives, demonstrated to us with a sober, objective view.

Suggesting reality, Erhard's pictures nevertheless are realities reproduced. The picture which we see actually was constructed: Erhard builds her models from photo surfaces and other materials, in order to then take the photographs. Cleaned of all unimportant details, the places seem to be emptied - without time and without history.
They are reconstructed places with a specific atmosphere, of realistic appearance, but completely artificial constructs. Although the viewer recognizes what he sees in the pictures, he soon gets the feeling that there something is not true.

The 1969 born artist, who last year received the “Förderpreis für Fotografie” of North Rhine-Westphalia, creates her own picture reality. By subtle intervention she forms and controls the perception of the viewer. Thus Erhard's pictures become ambivalent models of the real things.
The photographic constructs are complemented by stereo pictures developed recently. Pairs of photos permit a stereo (three-dimensional) view of the models and demonstrate still more clearly that the pictures of reality eventually evolve in our brain.


Die Gartenterrasse, 2004

Die Garagenzufahrt, 2003


Installation view
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